Parish Council

What is the Parish Council?

The Parish Council is the parish priest’s advisory body. It is composed of practising Catholics who worship at the Church every Sunday and are dedicated to the work of the parish. The members form a representative cross-section of the parish; they do not represent the parish, as this is the function of the parish priest in Canon Law. The members, seeking the good of the parish and mission of the Church, support the priest and in collaboration with him, propose, initiate and lead various religious and social activities in the life of the parish. While the members will not be the only people taking up leadership roles in the parish, they should assist the priest in identifying the gifts present in the priesthood of all believers, so that new ways of proclaiming the Good News and sanctifying the world might be found. They should always be eager to help their brothers and sisters to deepen their faith and feel integrated into the parish family. The Parish Council is not a talking-shop but a body geared for action.

Members must profess (and live) the Catholic Faith in its harmonic wholeness as defined by the Magisterium (teaching authority of the Church), be in communion with the diocesan bishop, the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and those in communion with him. Members are freely appointed and removed, for a just reason, by the parish priest.

An appeal for help from members of our community was made by the PAC .

There is a Suggestions Box at the back of the St. Alban’s Church for parishioners comments..