The UCM – The Union of Catholic Mothers

The UCM’s aim is to follow the full Christian ideal of marriage and family life and was founded in 1913 to unite Catholic married women. We embody the full ideals of marriage and family life to the full providing commitment, stability and security in the home, the church, the world. We help the poor, the homeless, the marginalised, the refugee, the ill and the weary, and we work to support those in need.

We are witnesses to the Light of Christ.

Membership of The UCM is open to all Catholic women, married and single – also non-Catholic wives of Catholic husbands, and may be extended to other women in sympathy with its Aims and Objectives.

For more information about the UCM please visit theirĀ website.

The Bereavement Support Group

A bereavement group is a small team of parishioners who offer confidential help and support to families or individuals who have suffered the death of a loved one. The team offer support to the bereaved throughout the whole of St. Albans parish which includes Blaenavon, Abersychan, Pontypool and Griffithstown.

The process of bereavement experienced by such families or individuals is a very difficult one and one that cannot be avoided. It is a time when they need all the support and help they can get from relatives, friends and the wider community. The task of the bereavement group is to offer this support and help on behalf of the parish community. In the context of bereavement the words we use for this help and support is BEFRIENDING.

What is Befriending?

Befriending means being a friend to someone or a family that is going through the process of bereavement. In befriending we are doing what the Catholic Church has done since its earliest days, offering practical help to needy members of the community.

If you, or another parishioner you know, need this type of support please contact, in confidence:

Anne Bedford – 01495 755193

Holy Virgin of Revelation:

Prayer to Our Lady of Revelation:

Most Holy Virgin of Revelation, you who are in the Divine Trinity, we beg you to turn your merciful and benevolent grace upon us. O Mary! You who are our powerful advocate before God and can obtain miracles through this sinful soil for the conversion of unbelievers and sinners, help us obtain from your Son, Jesus, the salvation of our souls, perfect health of body and all the graces which we need.

Give the Church, and its Leader, the Roman Pontiff, the joy of seeing the conversion of its enemies, the spread of the Kingdom of God throughout the world, the unity of believers in Christ, and peace in all nations, so that we can better love and serve you in life and merit to come one day to see and thank you eternally in Heaven. Amen.

Three Hail Marys, One Hail Holy Queen (100 Days Indulgence).

The Story of Our Lady of Revelation:Our Lady of Revelation

On Saturday, April 12th, 1947, on Via Laurentina in Rome, a thirty-four year old trolley driver name Bruno Cornacchiola was preparing a conference he was scheduled to deliver the following day. Born into a Catholic family in one of Rome’s poorest areas, Signore Cornacchiola has become highly critical of the Catholic Church and its doctrines. Time spent in Spain as a volunteer solider during the Spanish Civil War (1936-37) – where he was exposed to the persuasive propaganda of a German Seventh Day Adventist – had convinced him to vehemently oppose the Church, especially Catholic devoiton to the Blessed Virgin Mary and loyalty to the Pope.

While combing his Protestant Bible for citations to refute the Catholic dogmas concerning the Mother of Jesus, Bruno’s three children, Gianfranco, age 4; Carlo, age 7; and Isola, age 10, were busy playing nearby. At one point the children lost their ball and called to their father to help them find it. Bruno Cornacchiola put his notes aside and got up to join in their search. Little did he realise that he would never pick up his notes again – nor would he ever deliver his conference. This man, who up to that point was so busy denigrating the Mother of God, was about to be transformed into her faithful instrument of evangelization.

At approximately 3:30pm, “The Beautiful Lady” appeared in a grotto to the children. Then, in a midst of an intense perfume of flowers, she appeared to Bruno as well. The Virgin was dressed in a long, brilliantly white dress with a rose-coloured sash. Over her black hair was a green mantle which extended to her bare feet. She was holding a dark gray book close to her heart. The book was the story of revelation, the Bible.

The prayer group meets each Tuesday at 7pm. See parish bulletin for venue.

The Virgin spoke to Bruno at length about many things on that April afternoon, including her Assumption into Heaven: “My body could not decay and did not decay”. She indicated to Bruno how he would recognise two priests who would help him to reconcile himself to God and to the Pope whom Bruno had wanted to kill!

One of the promises that the Madonna made was: “With this sinful soil, I will work powerful miracles for the conversion of unbelievers”. Sanctified by the presence of Mary, the soil from the Grotto of the Three Fountains, like the water from the pool of Lourdes, will work miracles.

Meeting Times and Contact Details:

The Prayer Group meets at Wainfelin House, 7 Merchants Hill, Pontypool on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. The format is Rosary and Meditation. All welcome. For further information contact Anne Bedford on 01495 755193.

Altar Servers:

If you are interested in becoming an altar server in your parish please contact Fr. David on 01495 762280..